Hot In Vegas: Monday Night Football and Pool Convention

Monday night football will soon be a regular occurrence at many sports bars. However, Scoreswill be hosting their preseason party tonight. What’s so great about that? Glad you asked. For starters, it’s Scores, specials on Wild Turkey and Budweiser Select, and a complimentary tailgate buffet. That sounds almost to good to be true…but it IS true. Sweet!
If that does tickle your fancy, the American PoolPlayers Association begins their convention today as well at the Riviera. Pool enthusiasts from all over will probably be there. If that includes you, you should be there, too.
Now, while you’re here, check out this weekend’s shows: Raw Music Room, Road to 74, and Elvis.

Las Vegas News; Hulk Hogan and Son in Vegas; Charlie Sheen’s Vegas Trip; Celine Dion to Return to Ceasars.

Top Las Vegas news stories from Denise Pernula for November 6th, 2008: Hulk Hogan and son Nick are in Las Vegas for the week. Is Charlie Sheen and wife’s rocky marriage a reason for his Vegas appearance? Celine Dion to return to Caesars Palace once Sir Elton John’s contract expires.

Las Vegas News: Lake Las Vegas Bankrupt

Lake Las Vegas is drying up, economically. The man-made lake and residential community has field for bankruptcy after acquiring between 500 million and 1 billion dollars in debt. One of the reasons cited for the filing Chapter 11 is the country’s economic downturn. New ownership took over six months ago after the Lake defaulted on half a million in loans. There is still 127 million dollars available for daily operations while the company restructures. Here’s some advice for profiting off your investments: Don’t build a lake in a desert!

For more information, watch the Daily News.

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Las Vegas News: NBA Summer League MVP

The NBA and its summer league is gone from our fair city, but not before giving Las Vegas a taste of the big time. Portland Trailblazer Jerryd Bayless received the league MVP award for averaging 30 points a game. The University of Arizona guard was drafted 11th overall by the Indiana Pacers before being traded mid-draft. His performance in Vega also earned him a spot in the USA Men’s Select Team that trains with the Beijing Olympic team. They are currently getting ready in Las Vegas, and will play an exhibition game against Canada on Friday. Though not as easy an opponent as Trinidad & Tobago, there will still be a thrashing.

For more information, watch the Daily News.

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